Vision 2014

The Company

  1. Flagship company of the CLIMAX GROUP. 

  2. Established in 1974, we are progressing convincingly to record an annual turnover of 700 million in the year 2009-2010 and an export turnover of 10 million

  3. 14001 certification by 2012. 

  4. By the year 2014 we expect a Group Turnover of 3000 million and an Export Turnover of 50 million.

  5. Diversify in Material Handling Systems. 

  6. Open offices in all Industrial hubs, Middle East, Singapore for effective customer Services. 

  7. Business to Business dealing with our customers through INTERNET. 

  8. Installing Hydraulic Press of 1600 Tons associated with all the facilities required for a modern Heavy Forging Unit by 2014. 

  9. Increasing our production capacity through merger & acquisition.

  10. Collaborations for GEARS / COUPLINGS / PULLEYS / RAILWAY WHEEL & AXLE or any other products which is required for forward integration.

  11. We are trying for a Collaboration in OIL FIELD FORGINGS.